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Sleeping Phrases (Sour dependencies): 2018, resin bandages, powder-coated steel, cotton fabric, lemons

Sleeping Phrases

2018, solo exhibition at AiRSandnes, Sandnes, Norway

Working mainly with sculpture, text, and installation, Bruel grounds her practice on the perception of contemporary western urban life in dialogue with and through the material world. The ordinary, what is at the periphery of our attention is a source of poetics and something that gives rise to form. She is interested in the entanglement of the inner states with the outer environment. Intuitively she blends methods and a variety of materials. She often conceives spaces combining a plurality of forms emerging from a sculptural and visual language.

During her stay at AiR Sandnes, Bruel focused on the present. The new body of works she developed during last few weeks derives from her intimate experience of the everyday here. Observing processes and situations, which are at the margins of the state of doing – waiting, looking, eating, walking, sleeping, etc – and inviting discarded objects and materials in the studio. The exhibition ”Sleeping Phrases” presents an installation where forms in granite, medical supplies, fruits, clothes, paper, dust and affects – pauses.