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Psamides, 2023. Blown sea glass, series of six, (dimensions : pieces fitting in hands)

Work realized in Vincent Roumagnac's project Data Ocean Theatre/Tragedy & the Goddexxes
VII. EXODOS (Seaformances)
, as part of the FIFTH RESEARCH PAVILION, Uniarts Helsinki, FI and in residency at HIAP Helsinki with the technical support of glass artist Anna Schroderus.

In Greek mythology, 'psamides' designates the nereids of the sand, of strands, and beaches, which they preserve and protect. The psamides are composed of three deities sisters: Psamathe, Actaea, and Eione. Psamathe, the goddess of the sand, has the specific power to transform themself into a seal. Actaea is the
sea-shore and rocky coast deity, and their sister, Eione, is the sprite of the fine sand beaches. From sea
glass collected on various shores in the past, as well as along the beaches of Suomenlinna during walks
with Vincent, Océane Bruel creates a series of imaginary ritual objects, dedicated to the three psamides.
With the technical support of glass artist, and HIAP studios neighbor, Anna Schroderus, Océane melts the
sea glass collection and transforms the molten material into several containers of various sizes, intended
to be used for speculative ceremonies dedicated to the return of all waters to the sea. On the occasion of
a gathering by the sea schedules during the exhibition period, the objects circulate from hand to hand,
then are filled by the participants with residual waters found in the natural pools of the rocky shores
around, before being emptied back into the sea. (If they wish, the participants may mix a few tears with
the collected water before returning the salty liquid mixture to the sea)
Vincent Roumagnac