Océane Bruel © All Rights Reserved

hum, solo show at Pengerkatu 7 Työhuone, Helsinki, Finland, 5-21.05.2022

Installation, glazed earthenware (Synapse, 2020), soap, engraved mirrors, glass, refurbished leather, dry and oil pastels on paper, rosemary, paper, apricot pits, thread, needle, dried flowers and cotton fabric.

For Pengerkatu 7 Työhuone, Océane Bruel proposes hum, a group of recent sculptural forms and drawings installed weekly in the space. The works are small material motifs - or syllables - of circular thoughts and feelings. Both the making and installing of the work follow a flow of humming. Hum is a repetition of minor variations; the refrain of folding fabric, wedging clay, or washing hands, the background drone of insects, birds, the city. Humming can make a pause and a place, or it can keep a pace, keep us going and relieve stress. In the past months, Océane has been working with a sense of lesser presence, paying attention to distant tunes and looking for inner vibrations, a pulse inside.

The exhibition is curated by Vincent Roumagnac in the Ranska series of P7T.
P7T proposes private viewing (1-2 person) of up to 30'

The exhibition is supported by Paulon Säätiö.