Océane Bruel © All Rights Reserved

photo : Maarit Mustonen

Habits of the Solar Plexus, sleeveless 4:00 a.m.

Solo show at Muu Kaapeli, Helsinki, Finland, 2019

For MUU kaapeli Océane Bruel has created sculptural installations derived from her intimate experience of the everyday. The work relates to the situations and vulnerabilities of feeling incorporated within the thick systems of contemporary life. How to deal with this bodily uncertainty of all these opportunities, precarities and virtualities?

The work consists of physical interventions into lowly materials such as a foam mattress, carrier bags and vertical blinds. Alongside these, diverse smaller gestures (with wax, clay, objects etc.) contribute to a site of existential hugs and strangleholds. The exhibition takes place mostly in a horizontal space, sculptures and objects scatter the floor with indefinit paths. While the materials at hand might be significant, there is something else at play. The senses are inhabited by after-images and soaked mirages. Some words are swallowed in between.

Like numb fingers at forgotten passwords.

Océane’s working process can be seen as casting a personal refrain in a world of sleek ambitions. The refrain is both a way to make a place for one-self, but also to step aside from the production of such a self. Sometimes it’s ok to be tired to be someone, and just listen to some techno. Deep within the sense of inescapability, there could be some solace with pleasure. A calm, seductive darkness. Approaching 4:00 AM there is a recurring rush-hour at the solar plexus, and sticky pressures form.

I confess, I burned a hole in the mattress
Yes, yes, it was me, I plead guilty
And at the count of three I pull back the duvet
Make my way to the refrigerator
One dry potato inside, no lie, not even bread Jam,
when the light above my head went bam!
I can't see, something's all over me, greasy
Insomnia please release me and let me dream

Maxi Jazz (Faithless)

text : D.R Arnold

Photos : Maarit Mustonen

Exhibition supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland & Paulon Säätio

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