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Touristes Tristes, a collaboration with Dylan Ray Arnold


Different exhibitions & projects :

The Slow Business of Going,
solo show at Helsinki Art Museum Gallery (HAM Gallery), Helsinki, 2020

Paste of Time, Artist-book published by Rooftop Press, 2020

Be Sure to Collect All Your Longings and Let Me Crash On Your Shore, solo show at Glassbox, Paris, 2019

Works in Head & Shoulders, group exhibition with Iiris Kaarlehto & Inka Kynkaanniemi, Emma Jaaskelainen & Lasse Juuti, at Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland 2018

Touristes Tristes, solo show at Titanik gallery, Turku, FI, 2017

Trespassers Pockets, 2017, Site-specific installation at Ilmiö Festival, Turku,

Mindtain, 2014 -