Océane Bruel © All Rights Reserved

Be Sure to Collect All Your Longings and Let Me Crash on Your Shore at Glassbox, Paris, 2019
Solo exhibition with Dylan Ray Arnold

Exhausted as fellow-passengers caught in service-structures and the flat arrivals of steel
and rubber. We found olive-pits in the trouser-sleeves of the next person. Were they, in
fact, fruit or antennae? We held on the same bending line, flickering across tunnels of
reflecting windows, politely waving fingers.
Next stop was laptop, and the battery kept giving, and giving, and then it was gone. We
never really understood energy. On transit some peanut shells had settled under the chair
(“Life is best under your seat”), but further protection was invited. Some questions were
sent to condensed and distant places: What would You carry along, if You would have to
choose between sand and a Sunburn? Would You stay, if I went?
After several breakdowns and sirius discussions, we all agreed on the disappointment of
the black-hole photos. The collective sentiment rested on eating sandwiches with wireless
There was a bassless voice informing us that The destination You have chosen is
temporarily unavailable or no longer exists. One hour of waiting music, digitally
compressed, lubricating your hurry-nerves.
Every now and then, checking sugar-levels, no new messages, hospitable and ventilated
PETs. An escalator step stands on its side, watching lukewarm farewells and
disagreements caused by pigeons.

The sculptural works of Océane Bruel and Dylan Ray Arnold circle around the corporeality of travel and mobile bodies. Taking their own anxieties, desires and fatigue as a point of departure, they chew ambivalent ideas, forms and materialities of contemporary mobility. Their sculptures infused with parasitic gestures and printing, incorporate movements of bodies, objects, images and resources. Océane & Dylan are interested in the way movement resides in systems and stationary situations, as compositions of gravities, vulnerabilities and touches. Produced during their residency at Cité International des Arts, the works in Be Sure to Collect All Your Longings and Let Me Crash On Your Shore, play on quotidian observations of urban environment and rhythms.

This exhibition is part of their collaborative project Touristes Tristes supported by the Kone Foundation and The Arts Promotion Center Finland.

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Photos: D.R Arnold